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"The Advice Goddess," by Amy Alkon, is an award-winning, hilarious and scientifically sound syndicated advice column that runs in about 100 newspapers across the U.S. and Canada.

Amy Alkon's column reads as biting humor -- it's truly funny and not just chick funny -- but it's based in serious science. She takes a rigorous, scientific evidence-based approach to the advice she gives (reading the same journals and attending the same conferences as Ph.D.s in anthropology, psychology, evolutionary psychology and related fields).

Amy Alkon's fans include the late Albert Ellis, who founded cognitive behavioral therapy, and she has received rave reviews for the science behind her books and column from numerous researchers (available upon request). For one example, in the science journal The Evolutionary Review, Oakland University bio-engineering professor Dr. Barbara Oakley writes:

"Alkon turns reporting on findings in evolutionary psychology into an art form. She scans the research horizon for fascinating new results. Though relentless in her skepticism, she is keenly attuned to findings that are both solid and suggestive. (The world lost a great analyst when Alkon turned away from academic research.) In her hands, all this research turns into practical advice for how ordinary people can live better lives. Alkon may be, as the LA Weekly put it, 'Miss Manners With Fangs,' but she is perhaps better characterized as the offspring of Charles Darwin and Dorothy Parker. We academics can all take a lesson from her ability to redefine academic turf in terms 'the ordinary person' can both understand and enjoy."

Amy Alkon is also a manners expert -- but not your conventional manners expert by any means. Her upcoming book, to be published June 3, 2014, by St. Martin's Press, is "Good Manners For Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck." It's a science-based book, not on prissy stuff like which fork to use but how to treat people, how to keep others from walking all over us, and basically how to leave the world a nicer, kinder place. Pre-orders help give the book "heat," and are appreciated!

Alkon's previous book is I SEE RUDE PEOPLE: One woman's battle to beat some manners into impolite society. (McGraw-Hill, 2009.) Amy used serious science to figure why people are rude and how to change things, and the book is also a hilarious memoir of Amy punishing the rude, from her car thief to telemarketing honchos she calls at home at dinner time and chews out for calling her at home. (She subsequently invoices them for her time and use of her phone line -- and gets them to pay her. She's gotten hundreds of dollars -- and without being rude to the "little people" on the phone.)

Amy Alkon started her advice-giving career on the streets of New York...literally. She was one of three women known as "The Advice Ladies," renowned for dispensing free advice from a Soho Street Corner. Amy and her former partners authored the Bantam Doubleday Dell book, "Free Advice -- The Advice Ladies on Love, Dating, Sex, and Relationships."

Amy Alkon promotes her column in national media. She has made numerous television and radio appearances, including ones on Good Morning America, The Today Show, NPR, CNN, MTV, Entertainment Tonight, Dennis Miller, Politically Incorrect, and Biography Channel, where she was featured in "The Advice Minute, with Amy Alkon." She's had several TV deals for her own show. She also does speaking engagements. And she blogs daily at advicegoddess.com and can be followed on Twitter at @amyalkon and on Facebook at Facebook.com/amyalkon

Amy Alkon now has a weekly radio show, Advice Goddess Radio -- "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life! (With the best brains in science)." It's every Sunday, 7-8pm Pacific, 10-11pm Eastern, with podcasts available afterward:


Amy Alkon has written features and op-eds for Psychology Today, Los Angeles Times, LA Times Magazine, LA Weekly, New Times Los Angeles, the New York Daily News and Pravda. Her newspaper column has won numerous first place awards in the Southern California Journalism Awards, and Amy has regularly been one of four finalists for Journalist of the Year.

If you'd like to read Amy's work in your local paper, please e-mail and ask the editor to run it.

If you need advice, please e-mail Amy at adviceamy@aol.com.

And finally, if you're an editor who'd like to run Amy's column, please e-mail Amy at adviceamy@aol.com.

Snailmail: Amy Alkon 171 Pier Ave, #280
 Santa Monica, CA 90405

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