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One Last Kiss

I'm a 30 year-old guy who's getting married very soon. An opportunity has arisen for me to seriously party with another woman before I wed. Of course, I know that the "textbook" answer to my question is "DON'T DO IT." It's just that my libido is very strong right now; probably because I know that this may be my last time with another woman. I love my fiancee, and I have always done and will continue to do the right thing in respect to being faithful. If stepping out just this once is something I can handle emotionally, am I still labeled "a snake?" Many of my friends say "it's not that big a deal; do it while you still can." What's your opinion?


YOUR APPROACH to fidelity is best described as "very high school." You're essentially looking for somebody to give you a hall pass to cheat on your fiancee: "Here...go screw the other girl silly, but don't be late to geography."

To decide what to do, crawl out of your textbook and start peering into windows with me, a la Dickens. You be Scrooge; I'll be the ghost. (The literary angle should help us plea-bargain any peeping Tom charges.) I'm leading you up to a row of modest, late 20th century apartments. We stop in front of a window with sheer curtains and peer in. Wow -- somebody's having some pretty wild sex. It''!...and that hot chick you were talking about...moaning, sweating, grinding away. Now I see why you couldn't help yourself. She's outrageous. And that's some hot sex she's giving you. Only...wait...look at your face -- that's not your face. And that's not the girl. It''s your fiancee...and the best man! Well...maybe he's not the best man, but now your fiancee can give you a definitive answer on which one of you is better.

Still feel like cheating?

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