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Celebrities Are Pimpled, Too!

Posted by aalkon at August 29, 2003 2:31 AM


I only looked at a few, but Elvira was quite a surprise. She's... blonde?

Lisa Kudrow was quite a surprise. Of course, that expression she had in her "unmade" face was hardly flattering. She looked like a school librarian.

Of course, this site would have more credibility if they knew how to spell Goldie Hawn's name. But on the subject of Ms. Hawn... EEEEEEK! How horrid! She's got the face of the mean apple tree on the Wizard of Oz. Bleah! Send that girl a case of industrial strength Botox, in the name of mercy!

The Olsen Twins actually look better without the junk. There's really something criminal about putting makeup upon their wholesome images.

Susan Sarandon... not that bad, really. She's getting on in years. What's to be expected? She looks like a near middle aged Mom.

Farrah Fawcett... good gosh! She looks like Marc "The Beastmaster" Singer!

Demi Moore. Sorry to say, she still looks good. Don't you just HATE her?


Pamela Anderson... my goodness. Make-up really does do miracles.

Kate Moss... apparently, her body is not the only part of her that resembles a little boy. She looks like Alfalfa from "Little Rascals." I expect her to break into some seriously off-key singing any time now.

Yasmine Blech! would be more like it.

J. Lo... Oh, my goodness! That girl is seriously overrated!

Sharon Stone... she doesn't look good with or without it. At least not in those pictures.

Jennifer Aniston... which is another misspelled name... my gosh! I hope they find the guy who smashed her in the face with a hot skillet!

Jamie Lee Curtis, whom I love anyways, still looks good.

Liza Minelli... ewwwwwww! She could have played opposite her mother in The Wizard of Oz... in Margaret Hamilton's role!

Madonna looks... shopworn. Which I guess is appropriate for her. Is it just me, or does it look to anyone else like she's sporting 5 day old mutton chops? Play connect the dots in the mirror much, Mrs. Ritchie?

Howard Stern uses the stuff, too, apparently. And he needs to.

Anna Nicole Smith... aka Jabba the Hutt!

Barbara Streisand... Ummm... I'm just wondering how many cases of Revlon it takes to cover her nose alone?

I could go on, but I think I've used up my "meowing" allotment for the next month or so. Thanks a lot, Amy. I'll start meowing again in another five weeks.

By the way, Amy, whoever did your makeup in your opening page, with you kissing the frog, did a flawless job.

Posted by: Patrick at August 29, 2003 6:34 AM

I figured out what Rene Russo looks like. A hockey player! The Anna Nicole pic doesn't really look that bad. It's just that as soon as I saw it, I kind of thought I saw her in Return of The Jedi with Carrie Fischer on the end of a chain. (Okay, six weeks and no meowing... sheesh!)

Posted by: Patrick at August 29, 2003 7:22 AM

Eh...I don't really care what they look like without the makeup. And they didn't have Carrie Ann Moss in there, so that just confirms to me that she really is perfect and I can continue to dream about her every night...strapped into those tight all slicked was the topic?

Posted by: Clarkified at August 29, 2003 8:40 AM

Anna is a very attractive girl. I think shes lost alot of weight too..

Posted by: Livermore at January 23, 2004 1:24 PM