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Happy Sphincter
Is there any other kind? How's your sphincter today? (Note: That was a rhetorical question.)

Posted by aalkon at August 26, 2003 1:14 AM


I always suspected that Hello Kitty was into scat. Thanks for verifying that hunch!

Posted by: Lena Cuisina at August 26, 2003 8:11 PM

Ugh! Lena, that was too unsavory for words. I was going to answer the sphincter question by bending over to crack a smile! (_._)

Posted by: Patrick at August 27, 2003 2:41 AM


Okay. I'm far too immature to say anything worthwile. I'll just go and bemoan how wrong all of this is for a little while before giggling my arse off at the absurdity.

Posted by: Clarkified at August 27, 2003 7:43 AM