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Hurricane Latonya
Where are those African-American hurricane names?! Apparently, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) doesnt have much going on in Congress so shes focusing on really important issues, like a lack of hurricanes named Keisha, Deshawn, and Jamal. All racial groups should be represented, said Lee, as reported by TheHill.coms Bill Thomas. According to Thomas:

The World Meteorological Organization began naming tropical storms after women in 1953. That made sense to scientists at the time who thought women and storms were both unpredictable. After feminist groups protested, mens names were added in 1979.

The National Weather Service says hurricane names are derived from languages spoken in areas that border the Atlantic Ocean, where such storms occur. Yet that doesnt explain why Gaston, Ernesto and Cindy were chosen and Antwon, Destiny and Latonya were passed over.

Lee said she hoped in the future the weather establishment would try to be inclusive of African American names.

I think we all should get ours. Being post-Jewish, I certainly won't rest 'til I see Hurricanes Sol, Sylvia, and Irving.


Posted by aalkon at August 4, 2003 3:56 AM