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Is This The State Of California...
Or Mrs. DeMaio's third grade class? According to a Fox News story, the California Senate just voted to punish that naughty, naughty Davis boy for saying mean things about that funny way Arnie Schwarzenegger talks. Davis, that big meanie, is supposed to apologize. Senator Martha Escutia was one of those who voted for the motion:

"I am not going to deny that when the governor made fun of Mr. Schwarzenegger's accent it was very, very painful, especially for someone like me who speaks with an accent."

Awww! Suddenly, I think expanding the recall and getting a few grownups running the state for a change would be a very good idea.


Posted by aalkon at September 12, 2003 12:51 AM


It's no longer PC to make fun of accents? I'm sure Americans with accents will be gaining minority status. They'll have broken English pride parades, carrying signs, "Ve vill no longer take this discrrrrrimination!" and "You bloo'y well be'er get used to it!"

Hmmm... perhaps we need a PC term for those who do not speak with an American accent. "Broken English" is just soooo insensitive. AngloSaxonally challenged? Paused English? Halted English? Phonetically challenged English?

I'll work on it.

Posted by: Patrick at September 12, 2003 7:50 AM