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The Bad Words Police Are On The Case
Dan Nephin of the Associated Press reports on a second-grader in Pittsburgh, suspended from school for saying "hell." Woooo. What's next on the banned words list, "poopy"?

This piece reminds me of the day at Gold's Gym, Venice, when the big, huge stuntman-like actor from Pearl Harbor (the one who had the fight with Cuba Gooding, Jr., someone told me) ignored a rather polite and reasonable request I made of him, and ran off to tattle on my to the gym staff for calling him a lunkhead (which he told me would result in my getting thrown out of the gym). A huge, musclebound grown man tattled on me! For calling him a lunkhead. (Take that you meanie!)

(link via David "Tell Me Everything" Rensin)

Posted by aalkon at February 4, 2004 2:09 PM


Let's take the little miscreant outside the city gates and stone her until she repents.

Posted by: Buford at February 17, 2004 8:09 PM