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What George Bush Didn't Know And When He Didn't Know It
We had a liar in the Oval Office last time; we've got a liar in there this time. That said, according to this New York Times article by David Johnston and Jim Dwyer, the last liar seemed a little more effective on terrorism, vis a vis the warnings received, than the current liar. And if you're going to lie about something; quite frankly, I prefer that it's the whereabouts of your penis. Unfortunately, Clinton, too, lied about something terribly serious: the genocide in Rwanda.

Regarding the Presidential Daily Briefing entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States," Bush actually claims he didn't get information specific enough to necessitate action. Excuse me, but how much more specific does it have to get? As I've heard somebody, somewhere, say: It's like he expects life to work like a Game Boy, complete with a big arrow: "Osama attacking right here! Shoot the dancing monkey!"

Say you're president, and you hear that some nasty evildoers from a group intent on killing Americans are casing downtown New York...ya know...this might be a good time to put in a few "go to it" calls to the CIA -- not go home to Crawford, TX, for a few shit-kicking photo-ops.

Posted by aalkon at April 18, 2004 8:49 AM