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Spam Is Canned Meat
Heh more blog comments spammers now! Gregg (my boyfriend) installed Jay Allen's MT Blacklist. I just went over and donated $25 to Allen. Before we added the blacklist of spammer's URLs to my site files (their actual URLS are banned from being included in comments, and they get a "sorry!" message when they try to post), one last spammer snuck in. One of the most satisfying things I've done recently was typing the spammer's URL into my Blacklist file, and banning them myself. That felt gooood! Now there are over 1000 URLS banned...all "get a bigger mortgage on your Penis in Los Vegas!" Hah! Not anymore!

PS We went with Blacklist instead of Speng's plug-in for a couple of reasons: It puts the burden on the sleazebag vandal spammers (because the regular commenter doesn't have to go to the trouble to type in a security code before posting) and it makes the comments section accessible to everyone. Apparently, blind people can't use the security code version (admittedly, probably not a huge readership of mine, but nevertheless...I think it's nice to see that everybody's included in case they want to be).

PPS The message, if somebody tries to post a spam link, says some polite "comment denied due to questionable content" to the spammers at the moment. I'll be rude-ing that up real soon!

And FYI: Spammers do this to up their link share on Google, so they appear further up the in the search.

Posted by aalkon at May 5, 2004 7:37 AM



Posted by: Amy Alkon at May 5, 2004 8:46 AM

Let's try it... ... ... you're right! The objectional stuff I typed in just faded away!

Kidding. Now if they will just implement the same thing in TypePad I'll be a happy guy.

Posted by: The Prop at May 5, 2004 9:25 AM

I'm all for objectionable comments; just not objectionable links (hijacking my blog to sell shit). The cost to sell shit here -- hell, I'll even do a blog item -- is $4,995 per comment or blog entry.

Posted by: Amy Alkon at May 5, 2004 9:29 AM

Well, I used to delete all the "enlarge your penis and get a new mortgage" emails. Now I just write them all back and tell them I changed my email address to Crid's.

Posted by: Patrick at May 5, 2004 9:12 PM

And I so wanted to see filmed footage of Amy flying down to Ecuador and taking on the spammer, a la Ridley in Alien.

Much of that spam deals with penile dysfunction. Speaking of penile dysfunction, has anyone noticed the radio and television commercial campaign for one of those dysfunction medications? It's for the 36-hour product, whatever that is. In the quickly mumbled side-effects disclaimer at the end, where you learn you may suffer dry heaves and bleeding from the mouth and fainting spells, the announcer tells you that you may also have a four-hour erection that won't go away when using the product, but if it lasts for more than four hours, you should consult your doctor. And hopefully wear a loose, untucked garment when doing so.

Posted by: A Fly on the Wall at May 6, 2004 1:13 AM