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The Comments Spam Attack Continues
Posting may be light today, because I'm deleting hundreds of blog comments spam. Being the detective girl that I am, I went to one of the sites, and tracked down a company in Troy, Michigan, which provides the loan aps to various Internet sites. They say they're cutting off the guy (in Guam, quelle suprise!) and giving me his contact information. Heh heh...time to make a few fun phone calls! FYI to others with Movable Type sites, until MT writes a spambot blocker into their software, I've found a solution -- James Seng's plug-in that makes users enter a "security code" (just a string of numbers, different every time) to put up a post -- thus foiling the automated spam-bots.

UPDATE: Here's the scumbag spammer (the text is from the email from the guy from Troy):

Here is the contact info for the company

company name: Live Chat, Inc.
Address: 09-01-1288 #1209
City: Guayaquil
Country: Equador
State: GUA

My affiliate manager has already sent Alex a cease order. we do not have a
phone number for him, all correspondence has been via email.

Please let me know if this happens again.

He may just drop our program and sign up with someone else and continue to
spam sites like yours.

Posted by aalkon at May 3, 2004 7:56 AM