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The Top Ten Conservative Idiots
Funny, and a lot of truth in these -- even for a non-Democrat like me. And yes, there are Democratic Idiots, too. And Ralph Nader gets an Idiot list of his very own, with numbers one to 10 reserved just for him.

(via Reason's blog)

Posted by aalkon at July 1, 2004 8:54 AM


Note to goddess and the Lena tower of penis.
I keep noticing your cover picture of you with the frog. You look about twelve. Now that you're a middle aged woman why not a picture as you look today? Truth in advertising. And how bout kissing something better than the frog. Parts of my anatomy are available for the right price.
And cuisena how bout a picture of you. You are an interesting life form. And let me anticipate your reply, no no no Im not intersested in having sex with you, just curious. You don't sound like you're in the closet, i'd think you'd be proud to display that glorious kisser of yours.

Posted by: chris at July 1, 2004 9:45 AM

I am about 12, and I have a new picture. Google my column and you might see it somewhere. I'll get the new one up eventually. Probably in August. A bit busy at the moment! Which is all I'm going to say.

Posted by: Amy Alkon at July 1, 2004 10:05 AM

I won't show a picture of myself because I'm actually quite ugly. It would only add fuel to the fire of your cruelty.

Posted by: Lena at July 1, 2004 5:20 PM

I always find it amusing when people play one way then turn on a dime. You call people shitlickers and as them to lick your ass but then get your feelings hurt. I wouldn't ridicule your picture. We are born the way we are born.
As a matter of fact, I am cruel, just most of the human race. We are a cruel species. At one time I wasn't, I was kind and loved kittens. But existing in this world, in my view, requires cruelty, strength and even brutality, just to hold your own.

I know many sweet, kind, loving, wonderful people. Most have either committed suicide, are alcoholics, drug addicts or involved deeply in some religious cult. The kind, the sweet, are swept under the wheels of the savagery of humanity. It's not offered as an excuse, i simply state it as a fact.

Posted by: chris at July 1, 2004 6:46 PM

My feelings aren't hurt, and I like you just the way you are. Stay cruel!

Posted by: Lena at July 2, 2004 1:31 AM

Okay. By the way, as previously stated, i happen to be very handsome. women upon meeting me usually want to frnech kiss me right away.
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Posted by: chris at July 2, 2004 7:45 AM