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"I'm In A New York State Of Mind"


I'm in New York for the publication of (and book party for) The Experts' Guide To 100 Things Everybody Should Know How To Do, for which I wrote a chapter.

Interestingly, I did not write love advice (those topics were already taken when, believe it or not, Heloise [as in "Hints From"] recommended me to Samantha Ettus, who put the book together). My chapter was "How To Be A Good Houseguest." That said, I realized, on my way to the party, that my houseguest advice dovetails quite nicely with my love advice. It's based on the principle that all people are annoying and smell bad. Operate accordingly as a houseguest and in your relationships and you're less likely to be evicted.

Here's a quote from the chapter I wrote: "A polite guest reciprocates by becoming a host. That said, if the person who just hosted you lives in Paris and you live in Akron, an invitation to be a guest at your place probably isn't the sincerest form of reciprocity."

Posted by aalkon at September 24, 2004 9:56 AM