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Starbucks - Not Just For Blogging Anymore


This woman actually brought a mannequin and a bunch of clothes to photograph to the Main Street, Santa Monica Starbucks. When I left, she was laying a pair of women's pants on the floor so she could shoot them flat! Perhaps she posted her photos to eBay after I left -- a site that's apparently a source of great wealth for many Americans (those who aren't buying mansions with their take from bake sales and lemonade stands).

Yes, the era of the office-free empire is upon us! Unfortunately, it seems the vast majority of the new Wi-Fi-connected, latte-lapping magnates lack a battery of secretaries to hold their calls. Somebody at Starbucks is always shouting something really inane into their cell phone, like "Buy low! Sell high!" (Um, yeah...we all know you're dialing your answering machine and talking to your cat.)

Posted by aalkon at September 20, 2004 8:17 AM