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Ovitz' Whiny Tale Of Woe
Read Nikki Finke's hilarious observations of Mike Ovitz' testimony -- "verging perilously close to acute paranoia and utter mendacity" -- in the lawsuit brought by Disney shareholders about his hiring and firing as Disney president:

They were all out to get him, every last one of them. All that was missing from his Captain Queeg mimicry was spittle about the strawberries.

Click on the link above for further details. Well, except if you'd like to hear about the shareholders' interests. Clearly of no concern to Mad Mike.

Posted by aalkon at October 27, 2004 11:54 AM


I always kinda dug him. He changed the biz. He's an asshole, but Geffen, Eisner, Diller and Weinstein aren't exactly gentle personalities either. From what we read in the LAT at the time, the board gave Eisner no choice about hiring him; they wanted a successor, and presumed that O's dick was as big and sweet as everyone said it was. Meanwhile the magic at CAA was winding down anyway. So Eisner did as he was told (and still forestalled arrangement of succession), Ovitz got his monster payout, everybody wins! Except the shareholders, but seriously, who cares about them? They should have hired a better board.

Sure, Ovitz thinks it's All About Him. But so does your waiter, who forgot your side of toast because he's SO looking forward to his Oscar next year. Hollywood's full of people who think it's AA them. Your waiter never commisioned an attractive Pei on Wilshire.

Posted by: Cridland at October 28, 2004 9:58 AM