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Too Bad There's No Oil In Sudan
Nicholas Kristof laments, in The New York Times, how little we're doing about the genocide in Sudan:

We in America could save kids like Abdelrahim and Muhammad. This wouldn't require troops, just a bit of gumption to declare a no-fly zone, to press our Western allies and nearby Arab and African states, to impose an arms embargo and other targeted sanctions, to push a meaningful U.N. resolution even at the risk of a Chinese veto, and to insist upon the deployment of a larger African force.

Instead, President Bush's policy is to chide Sudan and send aid. That's much better than nothing and has led Sudan to kill fewer children and to kill more humanely: Sudan now mostly allows kids in Darfur like Abdelrahim to die of starvation, instead of heaving them onto bonfires. But fundamentally, U.S. policy seems to be to "manage" the genocide rather than to act decisively to stop it.

The lackadaisical international response has already permitted the deaths of about 100,000 people in Darfur, and up to 10,000 more are dying each month. We should look Abdelrahim and Muhammad in the eye and feel deeply ashamed.

Posted by aalkon at October 21, 2004 8:26 AM


> Instead, President Bush's policy is
> to chide Sudan and send aid.

Voters (and 'international community types') have not been too receptive to Bush's international enterprises of late....

Posted by: Cridland at October 21, 2004 9:39 AM