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The Wal-Fare State
Who pays for the health care of Wal-Mart's employees? We do, writes Reed Abelson in The New York Times:

A survey by Georgia officials found that more than 10,000 children of Wal-Mart employees were in the state's health program for children at an annual cost of nearly $10 million to taxpayers. A North Carolina hospital found that 31 percent of 1,900 patients who described themselves as Wal-Mart employees were on Medicaid, while an additional 16 percent had no insurance at all.

And backers of a measure that will be on California's ballot tomorrow, which would force big employers like Wal-Mart to either provide affordable health insurance to their workers or pay into a state insurance pool, say Wal-Mart employees without company insurance are costing California's state health care programs an estimated $32 million a year.

While I'm against forcing employers to cover employees, I'm even more against forcing the public to cover employees because employers pay such a low wage. Especially when the employers are already getting major handouts from the public. (To go to the PDF about the handouts, click the link under the word "tax dollars.")

Posted by aalkon at November 1, 2004 7:25 AM