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Great Moments In Miscasting
I saw a billboard on Sunset and La Brea advertising "Val Kilmer As Moses!" Hello? Moses was a swarthy Jew. What's next, "Dick Van Patten As Arafat!"?

Posted by aalkon at November 6, 2004 8:06 AM


Kilmer probably got the Moses role because of his experience playing Jim Morrison. In the scene on the parting of the Red Sea, he belts out a version of "Break on Through to the Other Side."

Posted by: Lena at November 6, 2004 8:52 AM

So far, you win for funniest comment.

Posted by: Amy Alkon at November 6, 2004 8:55 AM

Oh, that might explain why they had the ten commandments being carved out of stone in the bat cave...

Posted by: allan at November 6, 2004 9:38 AM

> "Dick Van Patten As Arafat!"?


Posted by: Smartass at November 6, 2004 5:25 PM