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Let the world know all Americans aren't warmongering fundamentalists, at

(via David Rensin)

Posted by aalkon at November 5, 2004 1:09 PM


Dear World,

We ARE TOO warmongering fundamentalists! Really we are!

Just LOOK at GWB: He such a fundamentalist believer that he's..., started a decades-long war to the death with the fundamentalist believers.

Dear World,

Never mind.

PS- We are still so not sorry.

Posted by: Cridland at November 5, 2004 3:11 PM

I'm a war-mongering fundamentalist and ... uh, no I'm not. I did vote for Bush though.

Posted by: albert ellis' janitor at November 5, 2004 4:02 PM

Dear America,

Be assured you'll find some cheap medication across the border, yet I'm convinced true American optimism will do in no time for you to recover.

Speaking of borders I remember the flow of American tourists to Europe plummeted in the months following CNN's marvelous Gulf blitzkrieg.
Now I hope European tourists will continue to visit America despite all the biometrical binge of our Al-Jaazira-sponsored safer world (safety begins at home). I mean they have one more reason to come which is to discover America for the second time.

BTW Bubya dodged Viet-nam but he didn't even own a passport before 2000.

Posted by: viktor at November 5, 2004 4:56 PM

Of course the Europeans will continue to visit America. With the dollar today at a record low against the Euro, wouldn't you?

Posted by: eric at November 5, 2004 10:22 PM

A financial advisor told me to buy Euro several years ago, and I didn't. Idiotic me!

Posted by: Lena at November 6, 2004 8:56 AM

Hey, Lena. Maybe you missed the euro play, but here's one to take a look at. The Iraqi dinar. It's next to worthless now for obvious reasons. But should the region find stability in say 3 or 4 years, then lord what a windfall that'd be. There's even a group with a website that will cut you what you want online. There being no Iraqi banks in the neighborhood for awhile. The dollar should be quite thrashed by that time, too. Blood, Sweat, and Tears for the 60's folks...what goes up, must come down, spinning wheel got to go 'round. I gave it a 70, for the interesting sound, but you couldn't dance to it.

Posted by: allan at November 6, 2004 9:57 AM

Oh, and what I was going to say was, though a fundamentalist I'm way not, warmongering I'm warming up to given the worldwide jihad movement. I just read some of Clinton's post-election comments where he hoped we'd see a resolution of the Israel/Palestine conflict so the radical Islamists wouldn't have that as a reason for murdering innocents. A close paraphrasing. My first thought was, given the jihadists' rationale for righteous killing of infidels, Palestine plays as a second or third tier irritant in the larger culture clash. Tell me where Palestine figures in the recent stabbing of the Dutch film maker? The note pinned on with a knifeblade was all about religion and retribution.

Posted by: allan at November 6, 2004 10:10 AM

President Jesus and his band of war-mongering pricks may rule with an iron fist, but at least they do so in style:

Posted by: Lawaneke at November 6, 2004 3:34 PM

OTOH, Google images is blocking searches of Lynndie England.

If big Abu Gharaib news breaks in the next few days, wise men will review conspiracy theories from Area 41 and the Grassy Knoll as well.

Posted by: Cridland at November 7, 2004 12:15 AM