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Peek Experience
Okay, I wasn't going to tell anyone, but I've changed my mind. The show I taped, Faith Under Fire, where I debated former Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Frank Pastore, is on tonight, 10pm PST, on Pax network. It was the most unpleasant television appearance I ever made, because Pastore boorishly interrupted me each time I tried to speak. He was such a boor that the entire staff of the show came out afterward and apologized to me for his behavior, and later sent me another apology via email. Well, a lawyer friend -- perhaps just trying to make me feel better -- just emailed me from New York (where it appeared at an earlier time) to compliment me on my appearance:

You kicked that Pastore's ass so hard I may need to defend you on a manslaughter charge. WOW!!! You were so amazing. You were so calm and focused and funny. Any more TV and you won't have time for your columns.

I thought I'd been really off my game, and didn't properly debate Pastore on the points because I was working so hard just to hold the floor when I got it. But, maybe I was wrong about that. I always judge myself very harshly when I'm on TV. Let me know what you think. If it actually is good (or not too horrible, from my point of view), I'll ask Gregg to post it here.

Find out where it's showing by clicking here. In LA, it's Channel 30 on Adephia or Comcast at 10pm.

Posted by aalkon at December 18, 2004 11:55 AM