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The Lurking American Taliban
"The American Taliban" is usually hyperbole used by those limp of minds who compare something to Naziism or The Holocaust. In this case, Christian Reconstructionist beliefs -- not held by all Christian Reconstructionsists, Free Inquiry article author Skip Porteous maintains -- are truly odious and dangerous, and are correctly compared. Here's one example of what some believe: That gays (caught in the act of sodomy), adulterers, and abortion doctors should be executed. The man advocating this in the discussion below is Gary DeMar, a leading reconstructionist author and lecturer, who poisons young minds at a Christian summer camp. People who voted for that lame-ass Bush (as opposed to that lame-ass Kerry) out of some misguided idea that he's fiscally conservative or tough on terrorism don't get it -- how dangerous it is to let religious fanatics get a foothold in this country. Here's an excerpt from this sick man, Gary DeMar's talk:

DEMAR: The definition of Christian Reconstruction is simply this: The Bible applies to every facet of life. That means not just the judicial aspects of life, such as civil government, church government, but business, economics--every facet of society. The Bible has something to say about each area. For example on homosexuals: We do not believe that homosexuals ought to be executed. The Bible doesn't say that homosexuals ought to be executed. What it says is this: If two men lie together like man and woman, they are to be put to death.

PORTEOUS: What the hell do you think that is?

DEMAR: Well, wait a minute. If a guy comes up to me and he says, "I'm a homosexual," that doesn't mean he's to be executed. If you understand the scriptures, it says very clearly, if a man comes up to you and says, "I've murdered somebody," that doesn't mean that person ought to be executed.

GONZALES: Oh, so what you are saying Gary, is, if you catch homosexuals in the act, then the Bible says to execute them.

DEMAR: The Bible lays forth the severest penalty, which would be capital punishment for two men who publicly engage in sodomy.

GONZALES: Does it say "publicly" in the Bible?

DEMAR: You've got to have at least two witnesses who would come forth and testify against the two people who had engaged in sodomy. The severest punishment would be capital punishment. It doesn't mean that has to be the punishment.

PORTEOUS: Now, there was a case a couple of years ago, and I believe it was Georgia....

DEMAR: It was Georgia.

PORTEOUS: Two men were seen by the police, because the police came in the house for a different reason, and saw them having sex, engaging in homosexual activity in bed.

DEMAR: Sodomy.

PORTEOUS: They were arrested. So you're saying that these two men, according to the Bible, could receive the death penalty?

DEMAR: Well...

PORTEOUS: Is that what you're saying?

DEMAR: First of all, remember, the Supreme Court upheld Georgia's law. Second, yes I agree that the Bible lays the death penalty for two men who are engaged in sodomy in public.

P.S. I landed on this link by Googling information while reading an excellent article on sex-mad Jewish mother and discredited researcher, Judith Reisman. Worth a read. By the way, in the current issue of Hustler (marked February), I have an article that uses data to say what the actual effects of porn are on women. And no, porn does not cause violence against women. It's utterly idiotic to say it does. Just look at the logic: Supposedly, if a person sees a porn film, he then is compelled to rape? Riiiight. The logic, in terms of human behavior, simply doesn't play out. I mean, I saw Oceans 11, and I didn't feel compelled to rob a casino afterward.

Based on meta-analysis (a look at many legitimate, peer-reviewed studies) by professor Catherine Salmon, my piece points out that there's only one way porn, specifically, "hurts" women -- economically -- by reducing their sexual bargaining power for men's resources. I am for complete free expression and complete free speech by consenting adults. If you aren't, I'm sure the other Taliban would be thrilled to have you.

Posted by aalkon at December 15, 2004 8:06 AM


I love sodomy. And I have the stretchmarks to prove it.

Posted by: Lena at December 15, 2004 5:09 PM