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Future Crock
What can a psychic tell you about the future? Not much, writes Gene Emery:

"Given their track record, it's amazing that a psychic can tell you when the 10 O'Clock News is going to come on," he joked.

A few of the 2004 predictions?

...Terry and Linda Jamison, who are twins, said "Saddam Hussein will be killed by U.S. troops early in the year." They also predicted that "Pope John Paul II will pass away in June."

Anthony Carr, billed as "the world's most documented psychic," may have some well-documented failures this year. He said nuclear weapons would accidentally detonate in North Korea and kill thousands; Saddam would be shot to death and that a woman "will be involved;" and scientists would "successfully bring the first-ever male pregnancy to term." He even predicted the gender: a boy.

Other Carr predictions were about as firm as the filling in a Boston creme pie. Carr said Osama bin Laden would be brought to New York, but he couldn't decide if the terrorist would be alive or dead. He said the Martha Stewart trial "could" send the domestic diva to prison. And he said the Hollywood area "is due" for "a colossal earthquake early in 2004." If Tinsel Town had been destroyed, he would certainly take credit for the forecast. But because it didn't, nobody can technically say he was wrong, said Emery.

Colin Powell showed up in a couple of forecasts. Carr said Powell would accept the nomination for President after twice refusing it. "Psychic" Martha Henstridge said Powell would change political parties and "trounce" Bush in the November election.

Henstridge also said 2004 would be the year an anti-gravity engine was developed and patented, and although she didn't say whether Martha Stewart would be found guilty or innocent, she did inform us that Stewart "will take the fashion world by storm with a new line of prison-themed designer clothing."

Henstridge and other psychics have already made forecasts for 2005 in the Sun. But this year the tabloid has made sure they won't be embarrassed by any inaccurate forecasts, said Emery.

Not only are the psychics' names not attached to any of the predictions, but their forecasts have been mixed in with predictions from dead people like Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and Our Lady of Fatima.

"So a year from now," said Emery, "we won't be able to say who was responsible for predicting that a murder will take place on a shuttle flight to Mars, Osama Bin Laden will be crushed by a comet, a tidal wave will wipe out Tokyo and the Korean peninsula, and newly-discovered writings from St. Paul will reveal that eating with a fork is a sin."

Posted by aalkon at January 9, 2005 8:46 AM

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