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A Night Of Nachos And Race Hate!
Great story in SF Weekly by Harmon Leon, who is actually Jewish, but briefly went under cover to infiltrate a white supremacist group:

After e-mailing the hate group about its next meeting, I'm truly paranoid. I'm not only a member of the No. 1 religion the group wants to wipe off the planet; once I push "send," I also get the uneasy feeling that I've immediately been put on an FBI watch list. Hurrah, my e-mail will now be monitored!

Day turns to night, then back to day again. Pages fall off my calendar (not really). The seasons change (still not really). A week later, eerily sitting in my inbox is an e-mail from my prospective hate group:

"We should have our next meeting coming up mid to late January I would like to meet with you in person before then."

The next hurdle: a little new-potential-hater questionnaire I'm asked to fill out. I start by answering with extreme sarcasm:

Ethnic background: "What do you think! Come on!"

Profession: "Children's birthday party entertainer"

What prompted you to want to become a racial activist or at least look into it?: "I really want to get more involved in activism in my community. I work well with others and have good organizational skills. I have a pickup truck if that's needed at any events."

Then I throw in for good measure: "Also, I hate the Jews! Lol"

And in closing I add, "Where shall we meet?"

The local leader of the hate group -- an organization that is a direct spinoff from the old American Nazi Party and that sees itself as carrying on Hitler's dream to purify the white race and prevent Jews and blacks from degrading "our" culture -- responds:

"How about Applebee's? I'll be coming with my wife, baby, and one other member. We can meet in the reception area. I'll be coming with two women and a baby?"

Bingo! I've got a date with hate! And who doesn't love Applebee's? It has quality dinners and a wide selection -- and all at budget prices!

Posted by aalkon at February 24, 2005 10:48 AM


I laughed out loud when I got to the last part of this posting. I work at Applebee's and I assure you, the food is not high quality OR at budget pricing. Where I work you can get 4 small chicken fingers and some nasty fries for $8.49, but 3 chicken fingers and the same fries on the kids meal is $3.99.. what a rip off. If I didn't like my coworkers and managers, I wouldn't work there.

Posted by: Casey at February 24, 2005 11:30 AM

Thank you so much for clearing up the Applebee's pricing misinformation, Casey. I have to confess that the resurgence of Nazism in this country had distracted my attention from that critical point.

Posted by: Lena Purina at February 24, 2005 11:40 AM

My boss used to be on the board of the Museum of Tolerance (if you haven't had a chance to go, please do - it's an incredible experience), and their work in exposing hate groups is difficult and fraught with danger. It's chilling to know that this level of hatred is even out there. People feel marginalized, obviously, and instead of taking personal responsibility for their lives, blame it on innocent people.

Grossing me out the most? Those comments about the tsunami. Hundreds of thousands of people dead and they call it 'natural population control'??? Disgusting.

It just reinforces the need for love, mercy and justice in the world. We need to show it, because these people certainly don't. Ick. I'm going to go throw up now.

Amy, thanks for linking to this article. It's good to be reminded how important it is to be an active, contributing member of society, raising awareness about hatred and how to combat it.

Posted by: Goddyss at February 24, 2005 12:20 PM

"Those comments about the tsunami. Hundreds of thousands of people dead and they call it 'natural population control'??? Disgusting."

A couple of questions, Goddyss:

Could you possibly imagine that such a perspective isn't motivated by hatred? It sounds as though you think that a non-moral understanding of natural disasters is somehow incompatible with providing assistance to the affected populations.

Would "love, mercy, and justice" have stopped the tsunami? Do you really think that nature gives a shit about our individual lives?

Posted by: Lena at February 24, 2005 1:47 PM

Hi Lena -

One wonders what will be said, by whom, if and when this apparently spreading Asian Bird Flu wipes out millions of people. (sigh)


Posted by: L'Amerloque at February 25, 2005 4:10 AM

What's important is that intellegent people continue to insist that no one individual or organization can monopolize the "meaning" of epidemics and other disasters. For some, they're God's punishment; for others, natural population control.

May the perspectives proliferate! And may we continue to fight over which ones are accurate!

On 9/11, I listened to the Twin Towers come down by radio in an airport commuter van on the way to Newark (I was scheduled to fly that day). At one point I thought of something from a short story by Kathy Acker:

"This world is insane. Why? No reason."

Seems as good an explanation as any to me.

Posted by: Lena Cuisina, Existentialist Cocksucker at February 25, 2005 9:32 AM

Hi Lena -

>>"This world is insane. Why? No reason."

>>Seems as good an explanation as any to me.

And to me.


Posted by: L'Amerloque at February 25, 2005 10:12 AM

There is reason, and explanation, though it is not readily available. We proceed, with a thought of our destination, but what happens is really simply fate. Too many variables.

At 9/11, I was in England, and was greeted with the most warm hearted compassion any man could expect. I doubt to ever see it again, being an American. Those days are gone, but I am glad to have received them. Nostalgia..........

May the perspectives proliferate! Great thoughts........psycho-delic, benevolent, wonderful, nostalgic. Jesus, it is even downright conservative! May reason prosper!!

- whilst watching "Heavens Gate, Michael Cimino...." drinking Avalon 1994 Caberbet Sauvignon and eating a bag of Quaker Granola...

Posted by: eric at February 26, 2005 9:26 PM

"what happens is really simply fate."

Put down the Sylvia Plath right now, Eric! You really stepped out of character with that one. Or maybe the perspectives are just proliferating. If I weren't so friggin' exhausted right now, I'd be flabbergasted and a little worried. Really, it's Plath all the way ("years later I encounter them on the road / words dry and riderless / the indefatigable hoof taps/ while from the bottom of the pool, fixed stars govern a life")

Avoid all ovens for the evening, okay?

Posted by: Lena at February 27, 2005 12:03 AM

See Lena- you need to move to Idaho. Or at least Spokane. Nobody else understands me.

Crunchy granola and red wine don't mix. Must be a Neil Diamond aversion. But in all fairness, when I wrote that, I was watching a 4 hour movie with very likeable characters that all die badly...

Posted by: eric in the belljar at February 27, 2005 8:03 AM

The Neil Diamond comment completely went over my head. Please explain!

If I lived in Spokane or any place else with such mercilessly cold winters, I'd be winning First Place in the Sylvia Plath Bake-Off by January, at the latest. I don't know how you do it, especially after living in LA.

Remember that weird scene in Woody Allen's "Interiors' where Diane Keaton has that anxiety attack-like experience looking at the winter branches through the window? I was that kind of Teenage Diane Keaton Pothead every single winter in New York. I could not handle being inside so much. A child can listen to Dark Side of the Moon just so many times.

Amy and I will take you out to dinner if you come to LA!

Posted by: Lena at February 27, 2005 10:23 AM

Well, the thing is, this winter we had 1 snowstorm, in November. Since then, nothing but sunny skies. We are sooooooo screwed if we don't get rain soon. Normally in the mountains here we get 12-20 feet a year. All that rain we usually get went to you guys.

It's t-shirt weather here, which to say in the 40's. Anything above freezing is t-shirt weather.

Coincidentally, I will be in LA in June, for my nephews wedding. Amy- you'd be proud of me. He is 20 and I told him to wait at least a decade before even considering the big step. For some reason people in my family always get married right out of school.

I will definitely look forward to meeting you both. The truth is, Lena, I am so confused about your gender I won't even know what to look for! I am the one who looks like a 6 foot version of Dudley Moore in Arthur.

Neil Diamond wrote two songs, Red Red Wine which UB40 made famous, and Crunchy Granola Suite, which nobody made famous. We saw him here two years ago- the corporate sponsor was Lipitor! Now if only they could make a pill for schmaltz...

Posted by: ric at February 27, 2005 12:56 PM

Eric -- No need for a schmaltz pill with Lena! I just got a copy of "Open Fire, Two Guitars" by Johnny Mathis, and it is OVER THE TOP in the schmaltz dept. Like Streisand, he seems to think that simply carrying a melody is never enough: Every syllable must erupt with the Mathis signature. (I always thought that Barthes was alluding to Streisand in the "The Bourgeois Art of Song.") And while we're on the topic of eruptions, Mathis was sooooo beautiful back in the 50s. The CD has all these beautiful photos of him singing, head thrown back, mouth open -- and all I can think about when I look at them is sticking my tongue in his mouth (and then some!)

PS: Regarding the gender confusion, Eric -- Sometimes Lena is a girl, and sometimes she's a boy. Other times, Lena is a horse (perhaps the last mustang!) I hope this clears things up a bit.

Posted by: Lena at February 27, 2005 2:00 PM

"Those comments about the tsunami. Hundreds of thousands of people dead and they call it 'natural population control'??? "

While in the States a few weeks ago, I watched an interviewed of Billy Graham's son, second generation preacher, by, I believe, Larry King. When asked to comment about the tsunami, Graham said that he saw the hand of God, and that the people of SE Asia must have done some very wrongful deeds to be punished so. I was flabbergasted. So every cataclysm is a punishment from God? Now I understand why there are so many deadly tornadoes & hurricanes in the midwest & south eastern region of the United States, earthquakes, fires & floods in California!

Frania W.

Posted by: Frania W. at February 27, 2005 2:26 PM

It's worth pointing out that Gandhi once told the impoverished, colonized people of India that a killer earthquake was a punishment from God for their sins. (See "An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish" by Bertrand Russell.) This was a great political theorist and "liberator"?

Posted by: Lena at February 27, 2005 2:43 PM

...and here is something totally diffrent:

"Freshly groomed wigger attends dinner with National Alliance members, writes absurdly exaggerated, hate-filled report.

Article of reference:
My Dinner at Applebee's With White Supremacists!
Harmon Leon is recruited by a group so hateful he refuses to use its name

Dear Harmon,

Thank you for that wonderful piece of anti-Semitic propaganda. I am referring to your dinner at Applebees with the Gentile Man Kevin, and the two Aryan ladies and the Aryan baby.

Jews really do the best anti-Semitic propaganda. Goebbels, Henry Ford, George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce can’t hold a candle to those times when Jews simply act like Jews; and when Jews write about themselves acting like Jews, it’s icing on the cake. After all, no one can say that Harmon Leon (pictured), a Jew, wrote “vile anti-Semitic propaganda” when it was clearly unintentional, and clearly intending just the opposite.

I’ve been keeping you in suspense long enough, so now I’ll explain why I found your piece to be a perfect illustration of what Gentile Men like Kevin are trying to warn his fellow Gentile Men. It was this:

"When the bill comes, I make no offer to pay my part. In fact, I grunt, 'You're going to get this, right?' If I had to spend an entire meal listening to pure racism -- not cultural pride, mind you, but pure racism -- I'm definitely not going to pay for my meal. Race hater Kevin, after a moment of hesitation, agrees to cover the bill."

What Jewy self entitlement! You contacted him, remember? And under false pretenses, AND you made him pick up the tab. Oy vey, zatz vy zay call us God’s Chosen Parasites!

And you wrote about it, like you were proud of it! Jews read your article, and said, “Good for him, sticking those rotten Nazis for a meal.” Aryans read the same article and say, “Wow, Jews really do act like that! And I thought stereotypes weren’t true.”

Because, Harmon, let me explain something to you. Aryans don’t act that way. Aryans, even among the enemy, behave honorably. It is in our very genes to be generous, trusting, and honest. It is in the genes of Jews to be stingy (the tab), distrustful (your large friend at the door), and deceitful (meeting them under false pretenses in order to write a smear article). And all across the country, people on anti-Semitic forums are going to read your article, and the threads of us laughing at you will go on for dozens of pages of posts.

We don’t want to kill you, Harmon. We don’t want to put you in gas chambers, or ovens, or any of that. That’s your own egotistical group victimization fantasies that you use to smear anyone who dares criticize Jewish collective behavior. In fact, we aren’t supposed to notice that you in fact behave collectively. When Dr. Pierce says “Jews control Hollywood” he’s an evil hater. When Ben Stein says exactly the same thing in his “Sunset Strip” book, it’s perfectly kosher, if you know what I mean.

All we want to do is give people the courage to identify Jews as Jews, and criticize them openly. Jewish collective behavior is a fact of life; therefore, criticism of Jewish collective behavior is a necessity for Aryan survival. If Aryans don't start talking about the Jewish problem in frank and open terms, without mealy mouthed distinctions between "bad Jew Zionists" and "those nice Jews for Justice" (such distinctions may exist, but for our purposes, ANYTHING that takes the heat off of Jews as a group is a negative). After all, if there was really a difference between "good Jews" and "bad Jews," don't you think the good Jews would actually do something effective about the bad Jews? White people have killed each other in large numbers in the Civil War and World War I and World War II in naive attempts to "clean house" among ourselves. But will any group of Jews ever take any effective action against any other group of Jews? When Jews were committing a Holocaust in the Soviet Union and murdered 30 million Russians and Ukrainians, the Jews in America SUPPORTED them (it's in all the American Jewish newspapers of the time of Jews celebrating their "accomplishments" in the USSR "Trotsky, vat a mensch, I vaz at his bar mitzvah in the Lower East Side." Ergo, for all practical purposes, the concept of "good Jews" is not useful to us and is in fact very dangerous. There is also a known law of Nature that says, "Any organization which is not explicitly anti-Jewish will eventually be taken over by Jews." This has been proven time and again, most notably by America's "conservative" movement. What do you call ten male "neo-conservatives" in the same place at the same time? A minyan.

We want people to say, "Look at those yecchy Jews who ruined our country! Don't do business with them, and do everything you can to make them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome among us." That's all, and given the history of Jewish behavior, it is perfectly justified self defense. You cannot be among us because you are a crime syndicate masquerading as a religion. It's that simple.

How long should we as Gentiles put up with being second class citizens? How many Iraq wars, how many kosher taxes, how many billions of dollars to Israel, how much mandatory, taxpayer funded Holocaust propaganda until we are free already? Jews of all people are instructing Aryans in “morality” with your Holocaust racket, how very galling! And now you feel free to really “let it all hang out.” Thank heavens it’s still “legal” to criticize “God’s Partners” (as you call yourselves) here in America! Thanks again for the wonderful article!


An Aryan American

Posted by: Finland at July 26, 2005 4:51 PM

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