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The Science Without The Scientists
When the Bush administration talks science, they prefer not to have those pesky scientists around, writes Paul Recer for the AP:

Speakers at the national meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science expressed concern Sunday that some scientists in key federal agencies are being ignored or even pressured to change study conclusions that don't support policy positions.

The speakers also said that Bush's proposed 2005 federal budget is slashing spending for basic research and reducing investments in education designed to produce the nation's future scientists.

And there also was concern that increased restrictions and requirements for obtaining visas is diminishing the flow to the U.S. of foreign-born science students who have long been a major part of the American research community.

Rosina Bierbaum, dean of the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment, said the Bush administration has cut scientists out of some of the policy-making processes, particularly on environmental issues.

"In previous administrations, scientists were always at the table when regulations were being developed," she said. "Science never had the last voice, but it had a voice."

Hmmm, maybe marionettes would be an idea?

Posted by aalkon at February 21, 2005 8:42 AM


Hmm. An organization of academics disparaging Bush. And a news organization that won't even use the word terrorist reporting it. Shocking. Truly shocking. This isn't supposed to be any more credible than a Jerry Falwell stating the manifest infallibility of the Bible, is it?

Not saying it's not true - just saying we shouldn't necessarily take these peoples' word for it. Cynicism sleeps alone.


Posted by: Chris Wilson at February 22, 2005 10:01 PM

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