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LA Bloggers Ask The Would-Be Mayors asked LA-based bloggers to pose questions to all the mayoral candidates, and they're asking each campaign to post their responses to those questions. Here's mine (naturally, eco-centric)!

I'm concerned with the continued reliance on cars as transportation around Los Angeles, and the pollution and congestion they cause. If there were a subway or train from the beach to downtown Los Angeles, I would be in the downtown library every other day. If others felt the same, it might revitalize downtown and bring increased business to various areas. Likewise, if I could take a train from Santa Monica or Venice to the airport, I would. What is your plan for connecting Los Angeles in a way that does not involve polluting, congesting passenger cars on the road?

More questions (and eventually, answers, one would hope) at the above link. So far, only Bill Wyatt has posted an answer to my question (or anyone's):

BILL WYATT: Cars and driving for work or convenience is nearly impossible, so the highest priority must be placed on fixing this problem, by any means necessary. Encouraging long distance high-speed trains and getting trucks off the road during the day would also reduce some of the demands on the roadways. Reducing the cost of mass transit travel would also encourage more people to use the bus system. Getting free/inexpensive wireless services throughout LA would encourage more people to work in their neighborhoods and reduce car travel. Most importantly, by reducing the dependence on vehicles for driving purposes we can reduce pollution and thereby increase our quality of life. We must deal with this problem and prove that we can lead the nation again.

MORE: Hahn responds.

Posted by aalkon at March 2, 2005 7:08 AM


As soon as the government gets involved in this crap, it's guaranteed to get messed up. I'd vote for the one who suggests it be opened up to private investors and developers.

Posted by: Jackie Danicki at March 2, 2005 12:16 PM

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