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Irrationality Kills
So, is religion harmless? Tell that to this nun. Well, if you could, but you can't, because she's dead:

The whispers started in April in the mind of the 23-year-old nun. In the heart of an Orthodox convent in Romania's impoverished northeast, doctors say, Maricica Irina Cornici believed she heard the devil talking to her, telling her she was sinful. She was treated for schizophrenia, but when she relapsed, a monk and four nuns tried a different method: exorcism.

Last week, Cornici was bound to a cross, gagged with a towel and left in a dank room at the convent for three days without food - where she died of suffocation and dehydration.

I wonder how Tom Cruise suggest treating thinking happy thoughts?

Posted by aalkon at June 25, 2005 4:40 AM

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