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Rebels Looking For A Cause
With the various and sundry proposed explanations I've posted here, written by various and sundry pundits and experts, the why behind the terrorism seems to become clearer. It's Che Guevara with middle-eastern headgear -- a bunch of murderers all dressed up in the "revolution." That's basically professor Olivier Roy's take on it, and the more I hear and read explanations like his, the more I tend to agree:

"Born again" or converts, they are rebels looking for a cause. They find it in the dream of a virtual, universal ummah, the same way the ultraleftists of the 1970's (the Baader-Meinhof Gang, the Italian Red Brigades) cast their terrorist actions in the name of the "world proletariat" and "Revolution" without really caring about what would happen after.

It is also interesting to note that none of the Islamic terrorists captured so far had been active in any legitimate antiwar movements or even in organized political support for the people they claim to be fighting for. They don't distribute leaflets or collect money for hospitals and schools. They do not have a rational strategy to push for the interests of the Iraqi or Palestinian people.

Even their calls for the withdrawal of the European troops from Iraq ring false. After all, the Spanish police have foiled terrorist attempts in Madrid even since the government withdrew its forces. Western-based radicals strike where they are living, not where they are instructed to or where it will have the greatest political effect on behalf of their nominal causes.

The Western-based Islamic terrorists are not the militant vanguard of the Muslim community; they are a lost generation, unmoored from traditional societies and cultures, frustrated by a Western society that does not meet their expectations. And their vision of a global ummah is both a mirror of and a form of revenge against the globalization that has made them what they are.

On a Che Guevera fashion note, I saw some American twit with a Mike Tyson shirt on strolling with a girl across my Louvre cut-through. Yeah, moron...why not just wear a shirt that says "A Big Thumbs Up To Rapists!"?

Posted by aalkon at July 24, 2005 7:16 AM

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