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Parking Meters With Credit-Card Readers
FishbowlLA has the bad news:

West Hollywood brought us transvestite prostitutes in the eighties. And once again, the city is innovating in curb-based commerce.

...As for me, call me old-fashioned, but I think I'll stick with cold, hard coins. It just feels more manly.

Posted by aalkon at September 21, 2005 9:53 AM

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You might like the Landover Baptist Web site; a satire, the site includes a fake ad for the "Easy Swipe" collection plate. People have actually sent them e-mails wonderin where they could get one!

Posted by: Radwaste at September 21, 2005 3:14 PM

Oh, I don't agree. The idea of getting a text message while lunching at the Moustache Café "Your parking meter will expire in five minutes. Renew Y/N?" sounds fine to me.

I speak as one who got a $30 ticket last week after gambling that the meter maids wouldn't be around in the time it took me to buy 8 oz. of Roquefort (misjudged the chat-power of madame de la fromage).

Posted by: Stu "El Inglés" Harris at September 21, 2005 5:18 PM

I could see where this would be helpful for PA's or others who have to use their own car for business, and who find themselves having to keep track of how much they've spent on mileage and parking for purposes of reimbursement. If you could track your parking changes on a credit card, that would be more convenient.

Posted by: deja pseu at September 21, 2005 5:46 PM

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