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To The Informationally Overwhelmed
My boyfriend/personal computer genius suggested that an outliner program would help me shovel vast piles of written data, humor, and thoughts into smaller, neater piles, thus making my writing process easier. Microsoft Word does have an outlining feature, but it's simple and clumsy to use. Well, my boyfriend researched the outlining programs out there (keeping in mind my writing process, which basically boils down to "turning anthropology data into comedy") and bought me Omni Outliner (the Pro version). It's changed my writing life, mainly through the ability to categorize and put lots of information into little collapsable pockets, thus keeping my being informationally overwhelmed to a minimum. You can download and try it for free here -- on a limited basis (it wouldn't allow me to put in more than 20 outline items in the free stage). I highly recommend it, especially to any other writers both blessed and cursed by ADHD. Ritalin and Omni Outliner. Who says technology can't save us?

Posted by aalkon at September 23, 2005 9:27 AM

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