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Colleges Without Borders
Let the furiners in, dimwits. An interesting point in a letter to the editor by Douglas Kneeland, Rome, in the IHT:

Studying abroad

In addition to the advantages Stuart Anderson cited in making it easier for foreign students to study in the United States ("America's future is stuck abroad," Views, Nov. 16), there is another huge plus.

Thousands of foreigners who have studied in the United States are now running their home countries. This forms an important base of support for the United States.

As an American who works for the United Nations, I am surrounded by foreigners who understand the United States because they have lived and studied there. This is true of government leaders I meet in virtually every country in the world.

Were it not for this base of support, the United States would be far more isolated and less understood by leaders around the world.

Posted by aalkon at November 21, 2005 9:36 PM

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