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What Separation Of Church And State?
How come you can't get a drink on Sunday in some places, even if you don't worship The Great Imaginary Friend? Zlati Meyer writes in the Detroit Free Press:

Detroit on Sunday was in the holiday spirit.

From the Palace of Auburn Hills to downtown casinos and in the handful of restaurants open on Christmas, people complained about the statewide Christmas ban on alcohol sales.

"It's terrible," said Jerry Gazda, angry that he couldn't get a whiskey Manhattan at the MGM Grand Detroit Casino while he played the slots and blackjack. "I have no family. I came here for entertainment, to have drinks."

Upset at what he considered the law's Big-Brother feel, the 55-year-old technical writer from Detroit said he was considering a trip to Windsor. He said Christmas shouldn't mean "no drinks," especially for atheists like him.

Allen Park native Charles Herman isn't a fan of the law, either.

The 26-year-old Chicago resident is home for the holidays, and bemoaned the fact that the law gives him one less way to relax on an already limiting day.

"If I came here later with friends, I would like to have some beers," said Herman, who was buying a gift at the MGM Grand on Sunday. "There's not much open."

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission's rule prevents the sale of alcohol from 9 p.m. Dec. 24 until 7 a.m. Dec. 26.

Attention: You're now free to go back to mewling about how persecuted all the Christians supposedly feel when some department store clerk says "happy holidays."

Posted by aalkon at December 27, 2005 9:42 AM

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I live in Michigan and I have to say the law banning alcohol sales on Christmas is crazy. Not only does it infringe on the rights of non-Christians and non-religious people, but also on those who belong to Christian denominations that don't demonize alcohol. My family is Catholic (though I am not practicing), and I should be able to stop by the store and pick up a bottle of wine to share at Chritmas dinner!

It's a good thing these Protestant extremists who come up with these laws weren't in charge when Jesus was alive! They would have told him, "No, you can't have wine at your Passover seder (the Last Supper)!" And I'm sure they would have had him arrested for the water-into-wine stunt! Oh, wait--he DID get arrested for some of these miracles he was purported to have been performing...D'OH!

Posted by: Bear at December 29, 2005 1:09 AM

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