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Meet The Bellydancing Librarian
Oh, the sites one stumbles onto on the 'net while looking for something else:

Our dedicated Info Pro spends her days in sensible footwear, assisting her clients with a multiplicity of information needs. Cataloging books, searching online databases, fixing printer jams, teaching people how to use indices, and explaining why everything knowable is not yet on the Internet are among her many tasks.

But man -- and woman -- do not live by information alone. At night, our gal trades her Birkenstocks for beads and serves her adoring public's entertainment needs with the music and dance of the Middle East.

Also not to be missed is The Barbarian Librarian, quite the nasty little hottie. And then there's this paper on librarian-inclusive porn -- from "Bang The Librarian Hard" to "Sex Behind The Stacks," and more! Also not to be missed is "The Modified Librarian" -- the "concept and practice of body modification as it relates to librarians as persons and professionals."

And yes, I know what you're thinking: Suddenly, the Dewey Decimal System is taking on a whole new meaning.

Posted by aalkon at January 1, 2006 10:31 AM

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