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The Bad Childhood Defense
You don't see Oprah Winfrey, who had a pretty rough upbringing, flying planes into buildings. Well, I just heard on NPR that "20th hijacker" Zacarias Moussaoui's lawyers are going to use how rough he had it as a kid as part of his defense. What is this -- kids tease you, so you should get a murder-millions-of-people freebie? Please.

Posted by aalkon at January 25, 2006 6:51 AM

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Maybe he should get a nice warm reassuring hug before he goes to the electric chair. And, no, I do not advocate capital punishment. Just saying what in all likelihood will be the outcome.

Posted by: Patrick at January 25, 2006 8:05 AM

>so you should get a murder-millions-of-people freebie?

Make that "thousands" (the 9/11 death toll was very close to
3,000). But what's a three orders of magnitude difference
among friends?

Posted by: Ron at January 26, 2006 9:28 AM

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