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It's A Rough Week For Morons In Utah
Kirk Johnson writes in The New York Times that an anti-evolution bill has tanked in Utah:

In a defeat for critics of Darwin, the Utah House of Representatives on Monday voted down a bill intended to challenge the theory of evolution in high school science classes.

The bill had been viewed nationally, by people on each side of the science education debate, as an important proposal because Utah is such a conservative state, with a Legislature dominated by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

But the bill died on a 46-to-28 vote in the Republican-controlled House after being amended by the majority whip, Stephen H. Urquhart, a Mormon who said he thought God did not have an argument with science. The amendment stripped out most of the bill's language, leaving only that the state board of education "shall establish curriculum requirements relating to scientific instruction."

What I wanna know is how Urquhart knows what god does and doesn't have an argument with. It's like that idiot Jerry Falwell, who says Jews can't get into "heaven." And no, he hasn't reversed his position on that, as was previously reported. If there were a god, you'd think god would be pretty pissed off with all these morons who claim to speak for him.

If we're picking teams for a brain trust, I'll take Dawkins and Dennett, and all the stem-cell researchers, and you primitives, you take the preachers and snake oil salesmen.

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