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Possibly Dying For Your Country And Getting Royally Screwed At The Same Time
Consumerist notes that AT&T is overcharging soldiers in Iraq...because it can. Completely vile and disgusting. If I hadn't already switched from AT&T to Verizon this fall, I'd do it now. I suggest those still with AT&T make the switch, and be sure to tell them why:

Allegations have arisen that AT&T is abusing its power as a monopoly provider in US soldier’s PBXs in Iraq to block 1-800 numbers needed to use non-AT&T calling cards.

“The wholesale rate for calls to the US is less than one cent a minute. Skype charges about 1.5 cents RETAIL to call the US from anywhere in the world. You can buy prepaid cards almost anywhere in the world to call the US for less than two cents a minute. AT&T charges soldiers in Iraq twenty-one cents,” writes the Fractals of Change blog.

In France, I use those cheapo international calling cards. I spent 7.50 euros on a phone card I bought at a tabac (coffee bar/smokes seller), and spend HOURS AND HOURS talking to my assistant and Gregg, and didn't use the thing up in an entire week. This is absolutely disgusting, and AT&T needs to be sent a message, as do all our apparently welded-to-the-the-lobbyist's-teat Congressturds.

Posted by aalkon at March 10, 2006 8:41 AM

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