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Say "Cheesy," Dennis!
After a news conference at a gas station to discuss rising gas prices, Dennis Hastert slips out of the Hydrogen Alternative Fueled automobile and prepares to get back into his SUV. He wasn't the only one, either:

Hastert and other members of Congress drove off in the Hydrogen-Fueled cars only to switch to their official cars to drive back the few block back to the U.S. Capitol.

There's a reason I think of most of these people -- Democrat and Republican -- as Congressturds and Senaturds. Let's just say our choices of officials to elect are generally, well...piss-poor.

As I said in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review a while back, something along the lines of: "I loathe John Kerry, but I'd rather vote for an autistic monkey than that fundamentalist, anti-science George Bush."

A number of readers called in, angered about my slurring autistic primates, and canceled their subscriptions to the Trib-Review. I found this most amusing, since my column was not running in the Trib-Review, but in a now-defunct free alt weekly called Pulp!

Hastert via HuffPost

Posted by aalkon at April 28, 2006 10:18 AM

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