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How To Get Knocked Up
Do I want to have a baby? Typically, I just want to have a baby moved to the opposite side of the restaurant I'm dining in.

But, in an effort to present the other side, a friend who had a baby recommends this book, Taking Charge Of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler, MPH, for anyone trying to get pregnant. She said lots of her friends who had babies recommended it to her. Here's the Amazon review:

This comprehensive book explains in lucid, assured terms how to practice the fertility awareness method (FAM), a natural, scientifically proven but little-known form of birth control (which is not to be confused with the woefully ineffective "rhythm" method). Author Toni Weschler has been teaching fertility awareness for almost 20 years, and it's only just now gaining in popularity. As the book explains, by using simple fertility signs including peaks in morning body temperature and changes in cervical position and cervical mucus, it's possible to determine when ovulation is taking place. Fertility awareness is therefore useful for not only couples who are trying to conceive, but for those who are aiming to avoid pregnancy without the use of chemical contraceptives. It will be of special interest to those women who have suffered from infertility; many FAM practitioners have told the author that by filling in the detailed charts in the book, they've realized that they were chronically miscarrying, even when their doctors told them they weren't conceiving at all. As the book explains, by charting body temperature, it's simple to tell when pregnancy has occurred--and when there's danger of miscarriage. Taking Charge of Your Fertility also explains how to choose the sex of your baby by timing intercourse according to certain fertility signs. It also features thorough, easy-to-understand explanations of hormones, the menstrual cycle, and menopause, along with fertility tests and treatments and their long- and short-term side effects, plus a topnotch resource section. Recommended for any woman who wants to better understand her body. --Erica Jorgensen

Posted by aalkon at May 8, 2006 8:02 AM

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My wife and I decided to have a baby, and the next night we made one. She decided to get pregnant and she did. I've since learned that no woman wants to be called Species even if it's meant as a compliment.

Posted by: Uncle Mikey at May 10, 2006 6:16 AM

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