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Illegal Immigrants Make You Fat!
I think employers (household or corporate) should be heavily fined for hiring illegals. I also think people who violate our borders should be punished -- in a way that makes it extremely unattractive to them to cross. That said, via Sploid, get a load of this idiotic column from former econ prof Alfred Tella:

As the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. has steadily grown in the last two decades, so has the number of obese Americans. Is this a coincidence or is there a connection?

...Though they can be found in various industries and occupations, illegal workers are employed in large numbers on household tasks that most Americans once did for themselves, such as cleaning the house and taking care of the yard. Some are employed directly by householders as maids, house cleaners and yard workers, and others work as employees of companies that provide services to residential customers.

A number of the householders who hire illegal workers can be counted among the more than 60 million obese adults in America.

Ken Layne fact-checks his ass:

Tella's bold theory doesn't quite explain away how low-paying jobs have traditionally gone to ultra-low-cost black slaves and then to successive waves of ethnic immigrants -- German, Chinese, Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, etc. -- and will soon go entirely to robot slaves. But surely there's a scientific reason to explain how only illegal Mexican laborers make American citizens so horrifyingly obese.

...By removing a labor supply, Americans will have no choice but to quit hiring help and getting on a low-fat, low-sodium diet with the constant supervision of doctors. Just as the steady de-legalization of cigarettes has stopped cancer and heart disease in the United States, de-de-legalizing undocumented Latino workers will end the tragic obesity epidemic that has left most Americans outrageously fat and absolutely powerless to do anything about it.

Posted by aalkon at May 21, 2006 11:16 AM

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