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Considering Buying Harry Reid's Vote?
Apparently, there are better ways to spend your money. AP writer John Solomon reported that Reid inappropriately took accepted boxing match tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commission, then, oops!, neglected to vote the way they wanted him to. But, oops! That's the part Solomon neglected to report. More from Media Matters:

Solomon also revived his previous allegations of links between Reid and disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a Republican, and purported to offer more evidence of such a connection. But as with his previous articles on the topic, Solomon failed to prove that the links in question -- including several meetings and fundraising activities involving Abramoff's law firm or clients -- led Reid to take actions favorable to Abramoff's interests.

...In previous reports, Solomon has similarly suggested unethical behavior on Reid's part while ignoring crucial details and relevant context that undermined the suggested improprieties. In a February 9 article, Solomon highlighted numerous routine contacts between Reid's office and Abramoff's lobbying firm and clients and juxtaposed these incidents with actions later taken by Reid. In one case, Solomon suggested that Reid coordinated with Abramoff regarding legislation to raise the minimum wage in the Northern Mariana Islands, which Abramoff opposed. But as Media Matters for America noted (here and here), Solomon failed to inform readers whether Reid subsequently acted to benefit Abramoff's interests. In fact, Reid not only voted for the legislation opposed by Abramoff, but co-sponsored it. In the same article, Solomon highlighted Reid's opposition to a Senate bill allowing a Michigan tribe to open a casino that would have rivaled a casino owned by one of Abramoff's tribal clients. But while Solomon suggested that Reid had moved against the legislation at the tribe's behest, he ignored that Reid's actions were entirely consistent with his longtime opposition to off-reservation gambling.

In the May 29 article, Solomon noted these prior reports and purported to offer more evidence that Reid took "several actions benefiting disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff's clients and partners as they donated to him." Solomon then listed several interactions and fundraising events involving Reid -- a longtime member of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee -- and leaders of various tribes represented by Greenberg Traurig, Abramoff's lobbying firm. But Solomon offered only one piece of evidence that Reid took any action specifically benefiting any of those tribes. In 2003, he sponsored legislation providing $100,000 for a soil-erosion study to a Louisiana tribe represented by Abramoff's firm. But as Solomon noted, Reid's action came after he received a request by members of Louisiana's congressional delegation.

Just another example of "liberal bias" in the media, huh?

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Posted by aalkon at June 2, 2006 10:48 AM

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