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He'll Sell You The Clothes Off His Back
You don't have to be a tortured artist to dress the part.


This guy is one of two very friendly housepainters I talk to at a café I go to. I told him he could probably make big bucks on e-Bay selling this shirt. He then told me he was in the pricey LA story H. Lorenz on a job when two customers there wanted to buy it off his back. Unfortunately, he had nothing else to wear and was off to work at that moment.

Actually, with all the letters I get from kids who want to be famous (for nothing in particular, just "famous"), I bet there's a big market for paint-spattered clothing from artists. Buyers will have to pay extra for cigarette burns and opium stains.

Posted by aalkon at September 1, 2006 12:41 PM

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Well, I have been actually toying with this particular cottage industry. I have a few paint splattered sets of "painting clothes". Which on one strange night I wore out dancing. Well, I got hit on by more men, and had more "ladies" ask where I got my duds.

Who knew, well Amy I guesss you did. My thoughts? People want to be artists in their hearts, and well if they can't pull it off, maybe, just maybe they can look/feel the part.

Posted by: sonja at September 5, 2006 5:37 PM

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