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He's A Jew And He Drives A Ford


Meet Little Jewford, Kinky Freedman's very amusing advance man -- or something -- who's here at a newspaper conference I'm attending in Ft. Worth, Texas. As Kinky said about Little Jewford in his talk, "He's wearing Elvis' shower curtain."

Meanwhile, Kinky, ostensibly the wacky candidate, has a sensible approach to "the war on drugs" (ie, the war against intelligent drug policy):

Kinky Friedman says he favors legalizing marijuana to keep nonviolent users out of prison. If Texas elects him governor, he says, he'll try to get locked-up pot users released to make room for more violent criminals.

"I think that's long overdue," Friedman told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday. "I think everybody knows what (U.S. Sen.) John McCain said is right: We've pretty well lost the war on drugs doing it the way we're doing it. Drugs are more available and cheaper than ever before. What we're doing is not working."

Friedman, the often irreverent singer, entertainer and mystery writer, is running as an independent in a bid to unseat Republican Gov. Rick Perry, and he's getting some serious attention.

...As for Friedman, he said he doesn't like being called a politician.

"I don't mind being called a flip-flopper," he said, a description Perry's campaign has placed on him. "I think we actually could use a flip-flopper as governor because a flip-flopper is a human being open to change, and God knows change is what we need now."

Friedman talked about how Jesse Ventura advocated legalizing prostitution during his campaign, an approach which seemed likely to make him lose favor with voters. It seemed voters in Minnesota actually appreciated a candidate who actually gave an honest opinion on something -- instead of the usual approach of holding up a wet finger to see which way the wind's blowing.

Posted by aalkon at September 15, 2006 1:10 PM

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The first thought is, can this guy really win in the State that spawned George W. Bush? My father who thinks it's clever to call CNN Communist News Network, a man who is the small-town American representation of people I don't understand, is voting for Kinky Friedman.

Kinky is the bomb!

Posted by: Brenda at September 15, 2006 7:17 AM

I've done my duty: My mom and stepfather, now resident in Texas, are signed up to vote for him to, thanks to my advice. They even sent me a bumpersticker: "Kinky for Governor - Why the hell not"

Posted by: Kitt at September 15, 2006 11:51 AM

As a proud female Native Texan and Kinky fan, who currently works for the State of Texas, let me first honor Governor Ann Richards, who opened the state government job world to women, and minority men and women in Texas. She inspired many women including myself to be something more than a housekeeper. God Bless Ann.

Now, just to clear our name, let me say that Pres. Bush didn't live here most of his life (I'm not sure he was even born here), so we really aren't clear if we consider him a Native (but boy, does he drawl). Laura, on the other hand, came from good stock and is the real deal.

Now to Kinky, he hangs with Willy Nelson, who is bringing Bio-Willy (bio-diesal to Texas). And speaking from experience, you haven't lived until you have hung out with Willie.

What I love is that they have vision that is sound.
What I don't love is the reality of the hand-patting menfolk running our government that will poo-poo this, just like they do us womenfolk and tell us how cute and funny we are.

I love Governor GoodHair, but my heart may require me to get...Kinky!

Posted by: Dee at September 15, 2006 7:45 PM
from a man who doesn't mind file sharing

Posted by: kittie at September 15, 2006 9:45 PM

i apologize for accidentally posting a direct link.

Posted by: kittie at September 15, 2006 9:46 PM

Kinky is what Texas needs...Thanks for posting this! Little Jewford is just awesome as well...I am looking forward to actually seeing the lone star state shine again! GO KINKY....Don't forget to vote! He will make Texas proud.=)

Posted by: Megan at October 12, 2006 11:07 PM

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