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Jokes For Geeks
Loved this Danny Shanahan cartoon, originally in the New Yorker, now available framed, on t-shirts, and on note cards, which I ordered.

To explain it for any who aren't that apprised of the details of a bug's life, I'll post this old short question from my Advice Goddess column, entitled "Getting Royally Flushed":

My boyfriend is not only my best friend, he treats me like a queen. The problem is, it's not love anymore, not for me. He's preparing a huge dinner for our one-year anniversary. Should I try to make it work, at least through our anniversary dinner?
--Over And Almost Out

Just because the guy treats you like a queen doesn't mean he's looking to be treated like one of your subjects. Let's see...not only do you plan to leave him, you plan to leave him with a big pile of dirty dishes. Sweet! Not only that, you'll leave him feeling really stupid for believing all your "me, too" stuff. (I guess you were planning on crossing your fingers under the table.) A kinder, gentler idea is crossing the anniversary dinner off the agenda. There's a right time to tell a guy how you (don't) feel, and it's the moment the news bounces into your tiara. He won't get to toast "happily ever 20 minutes from now" with you, but this story still has a happy ending...of sorts: At least he didn't treat you like a praying mantis, since girl mantises have a bad habit of biting off boy mantises' heads after sex. Anniversary or no anniversary.

Posted by aalkon at September 19, 2006 5:58 AM

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