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A Man Of The Sloth
I just posted my Advice Goddess column on a girl's inability to get away from her lazy, manipulative boyfriend. She intimates that she's only still there because she can't win an argument against him -- since he has a Ph.D. in philosophy with a specialty in logic, and she only has an M.F.A. in poetry. I let her know poetry is actually her ticket out of there:

Sorry, but Aristotle mudwrestling Emily Dickinson this isn’t. The guy’s an ambitionless, ethically vacant mooch. Sure, he’s got a degree in philosophy, and a specialty in cheap manipulation (basically, he’s a tapeworm with a Ph.D.). You do have to hand it to the guy, who’s at his most industrious when he’s desperate to stay lazy. To that end, he’s now proposing a shrink to help you work out your differences; namely, your inability to find being used anywhere near as sexy as he finds using you. Lemme guess, couples counseling, single payer? Thanks, but you already have a fantastic shrink, one who’s cheap, brief, and dead. Yes, Gertrude Stein told you everything you need to know about your future with this guy: “A sponge is a sponge is a sponge.”

The rest is here.

Posted by aalkon at October 11, 2006 8:03 AM

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