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Guess Who's Looking After The Children
Here's a clue: "Are you horny?"

Yes, Dave Weigel at Reason's Hit & Run blog writes that Congressman Mark Foley was the chair of...the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus! According to his Web page (taken down now, but conveniently available in Google cache form):

Mark has been instrumental in the development and passage of legislation designed to protect our children.

He authored legislation that became law -- the Volunteers for Children Act -- that gives volunteer organizations that work with children, such as scouting and sports groups, access to FBI fingerprint-based background checks to ensure that they are not inadvertently hiring child molesters.

He has also cosponsored legislation toughening the penalties levied at those who hurt children and, most recently, has joined forces with the Administration and Congress to fight child predators. His Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, which has passed both the House and Senate, will overhaul the way we track and monitor predatory pedophiles. He has also introduced and cosponsored legislation designed to eliminate child pornography and exploitive child modeling web sites.

Over the years, Mark also has worked closely with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and John Walsh (host of Fox TV’s America’s Most Wanted) on a variety of child protection programs. Among the latest of these is a program designed to show children how to protect themselves from online predators.

Such as himself.

According to Weigel, Foley even had (eeeeuw!) a MySpace page:

You can find the page by searching for's profile - maf54 is Foley's IM name. There's no information in the profile, apart from Foley's age (52) and Zodiac sign (Virgo; he was born on September 8, 1954). This is common for stalkers and sexual predators - you need to set up a MySpace account to view profiles, but you don't need to add more info about yourself.

I took a screen shot of it, which I'll paste in below (coincidence note: Dave added the viz of the page to his Reason entry after I put it in the post I was writing, and we have a similar response to it):


Oh, lookee, he doesn't want kids. Well, not for more than a few hours.

"Are you horny?"

Posted by aalkon at October 1, 2006 10:40 AM

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The "I don't want kids" thing is funny, but I'm afraid it's probably not Foley's doing: That seems to be the default setting for MySpace accounts, and sometimes MySpace will change your profile to say "I don't want kids". How I know this is a long and boring story, and I'm not trying to stick up for the scumbag, just sayin'.

Posted by: Jackie Danicki at October 1, 2006 6:00 AM

Yes, I know you're right -- and dating sites have the question about kids -- but, it usually means something else, of course!

Posted by: Amy Alkon at October 1, 2006 8:19 AM

He has done some very good work. Sounds like a guy who was trying to exorcise some of his demons....

Posted by: eric at October 1, 2006 12:59 PM

I live in Mark Foley's district. You can only imagine what a fiasco it is down here. The guy wasn't a sleazeball, he was a young and well-liked long-term representative. But such is the nature of sexual predators sometimes.

There's been a lot of debate over whether or not Foley's messages to this page went too far. Personally, I don't think that matters. If you're an elected official, you need to have enough sense to not do anything with a minor that could even remotely in a million years be construed as sexual. Especially when it's inherently recorded in a way that can be easily disseiminated worldwide with a few keystrokes.

What an idiot.

Posted by: Gary S. at October 1, 2006 1:10 PM

> He has done some very good work.

> Sounds like a guy who was trying to
> exorcise some of his demons....

Eric, it'd be great to hear you expound on both these points. Having read *only* the headlines, it seems like his demons weren't being exorcised as much as expressed.

Posted by: Crid at October 1, 2006 1:56 PM

Hey, I'm ignorant here. What's the tally, Democrats vs. Republicans, as to resigning because of sexual impropriety?

Posted by: Radwaste at October 1, 2006 5:13 PM

I was gonna comment earlier about the similarity to Clinton, but apparently Brit Hume did it today and is get his ass handed to him on the internets. Breezing through some conservative talk radio in the car a couple hours ago, some fifth-string host was asking why the pages haven't been asked to speak out, since some of them have *now* reached the age of majority. Repellant, no?

This is more despicable than the Lewinsky thing, because she was a grownup, no matter how naive.

The think that they have in common is what Paglia talked about when Clinton got elected in '92: He always wanted us to catch him with his hand in the cookie jar, and still love him anyway. Eventually we did, and we did. (Well, some of us did.)

Same with Foley. There's no reason for a guy with that much going on to take risks like that except that he wants to be popped. Last week this random quote turned up: "The unconscious mind wants to be taken seriously, and not to be laughed at." --Edward Shorter

Posted by: Crid at October 1, 2006 8:59 PM

I initially wrote this bit with the term "pedo" in it, but I realized, as much as it's inappropriate, being into a 16-year-old isn't the same as being into children. For much of history, we've married off kids as young as 13, although the notion of everybody getting married in the Middle Ages in their teens is wrong (See historian Lawrence Stone's work on that -- peasants typically got married in their late 20s).

Posted by: Amy Alkon at October 2, 2006 6:37 AM

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