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Why Does Congress Seem So Much Like Junior High?
I just got this e-mail from the "Free Enterprise Fund":

Pelosi Pledge Countdown
7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Days Left

(Washington, DC) – October, 11th 2006 - Twenty one self-proclaimed “conservative” or “moderate” Democrats who were asked to sign the “Pelosi Pledge” – promising not to vote for liberal Nancy Pelosi for Speaker– have so far failed to sign and return the pledge to the Free Enterprise Fund

Mallory Factor, Chairman of the Free Enterprise Fund, said “Voting to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker is tantamount to voting to raise taxes. A true conservative or moderate could never vote to make a San Francisco liberal Speaker of the House. You have proclaimed yourself a ‘different kind of Democrat.’ Signing the Pledge is one way to prove it.”

The Free Enterprise Fund has asked each of the following candidates to sign and return the pledge by fax or mail within seven days of its receipt. With two days left before the deadline, not a single one has made the commitment to lower taxes and free market values by signing the pledge.

The following candidates were asked to sign the “Pelosi Pledge”: John Donnelly, IN-02; Brad Ellsworth, IN-08; Baron Hill, IN-09; Ken Lucas, KY-04; Mike Weaver, KY-02; John Barrow, GA-12; Jim Marshall, GA-08; John Spratt, SC-05; Phil Kellam, VA-02; Heath Shuler, NC-11; Larry Kissell, NC-08; Melissa Bean, IL-08; Tammy Duckworth, IL-06; Chet Edwards, TX-17; Nick Lampson, TX-22; Gabrielle Giffords, AZ-08; Gary Trauner, WY-0; Larry Graf, ID-01; Jerry McNerney, CA-11; Charlie Brown, CA-04, Jay Fawcett, CO-0.

What I'm wondering is how many of their "true conservatives" are actually fiscal conservatives and how many are just fundamentalists in conservative's clothing, like George "Spendalot" Bush? In the words of Reason's Jesse Walker from 2004:

7. The drunken sailor factor. Fine, you say: We all expect a Republican president to molest our civil liberties. But this one has poached the Democrats' turf as well, increasing federal spending by over $400 billion—its fastest rate of growth in three decades. Even if you set aside the Pentagon budget, Washington is doling out dollars like crazy: Under Bush, domestic discretionary spending has already gone up 25 percent. (Clinton only increased it 10 percent, and it took him eight years to do that.) "In 2003," the conservative Heritage Foundation notes, "inflation-adjusted federal spending topped $20,000 per household for the first time since World War II."

Posted by aalkon at October 12, 2006 7:01 AM

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