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Private Jet For Jesus?


What is a writer but "a schmuck with an Underwood"? That was Hollywood boss Jack Warner's legendary quote. And these days, apparently, you can count "The Almighty" among the under-powerful as well. It seems the "All Powerful One," as some of the gullible, uh, faithful, like to call god, is really just some big invisible nobody in the sky, going nowhere, without a...drumroll...without a private jet!

Here's what they say over at Benny Hinn Ministries (enterprising fellow, that Benny Hinn):

We are entering a season of increasingly powerful evangelism and a time of the most widespread, massive global harvest in the history of Christianity. As a result, we as a ministry made a decision recently to purchase an airplane—a significant, needed ministry tool to fulfill the vision God has given us to go to the nations of the world, declaring the Gospel to lost humanity.

Because we must be faithful stewards of the Lord, we retained one of America’s most respected aviation consulting firms to recommend a plane with sufficient range to go to the places God has called us to minister. It had to be the most cost-efficient, safe, and long-range plane we could possibly get.

At recent partners conferences I have talked about the cost to secure this
state-of-the-art jet aircraft, the tool we must have for declaring the Gospel to the nations in this last hour, and the miracle the Lord has provided—Dove One, an aircraft that became available just as the door of opportunity began to close on aircrafts the ministry had previously been utilizing.

And at these partners conferences, I was able to raise the first portion of the down payment, which was another miracle the Lord has provided us.

As a result, we have recently taken delivery on our Gulfstream G4SP plane, which we call Dove One. I have enclosed a beautiful photo-filled brochure to explain more about this incredible ministry tool that will increase the scope of our abilities to preach the Gospel around the globe. Now we must pay the remainder of the down payment, and I am asking the Lord Jesus to speak to 6,000 of my precious partners to sow a seed of $1,000 in the next ninety days. And I am praying, even as I write this letter, that you will be one of them!

P.T. Barnum quote come to mind for anyone?

And, sorry, but if memory serves me right, didn't Jesus transport himself on dirty toes in an early pair of Birkenstocks?

via Metafilter

Posted by aalkon at December 4, 2006 5:55 AM

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I think we can make this outrageous rip-off work for you, Amy..

You should suggest to the flying preacher that there is no better "terre de mission" than dechristianized France. Then you could hop on the plane and crisscross the Atlantic at no cost ! I mean no other cost than refraining from being your usual self during the flight..

Also make sure of keeping an escort with you, too many of these false prophets have proved to be real sex maniacs !

Posted by: Alain Q. at December 4, 2006 12:27 AM

I could be quite satisfied merely flying business class. And at least I make no pretensions to anything but personal gratification!

Posted by: Amy Alkon at December 4, 2006 3:27 AM

With this plane, Benny might be able to fly directly to the Kingdumb of Heaven to get special encouragement from god himself. The Kingdumb is easy to find, especially this time of year. It's located just behind Santa's Workshop.

Posted by: Bill Henry at December 4, 2006 8:19 AM


Will you take a check?

Posted by: Roger at December 4, 2006 11:45 AM

> this incredible ministry tool that
> will increase the scope of our
> abilities to preach

Isn't this the same reasoning Al Gore uses when burning tons and tons of hydrocarbons to fly to global warming conferences in faraway lands?

Posted by: Crid at December 4, 2006 1:25 PM

Hey all you Benny Fans,
I am just wondering how many missionaries we could send to needy nations on $50 million or $100 million a year- the average take for this preacher????
Average missionary support= $40,000 per year
= 2,500 new missionary families. What would be the fruit of these families comapared to on man "Benny Hinn"?????
I would imagine a lot more long lasting fruit as missionaries usually invest a lot of solid discipleship into their work. Does Benny do this????? I do not see this.
I would like to challenge you today to give that $1 a day to a solid missions agency who is reaching the urban centers of the world for Jesus and providing solid discipleship in the process. They would like to send out another 2,500 missionaries. Just a thought if you really want to see the Lord's fruit.
God's Love and Peace to you all!!!!

Posted by: RB at December 17, 2006 7:33 AM

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