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The Best Thing Since "Critical Buffy Studies"
Sucking Balls and Fucking Off: An Introduction to The Bothersome South Park and Philosophy, by Robert Arp. My favorites from the table of contents:

1. Flatulence and Philosophy: A Lot of Hot Air, or the Corruption of Youth?
William W. Young III

7. Oh My God! They Killed Kenny… Again: Kenny and Existentialism
Karin Fry

11. "Vote or Die, Bitch": The Myth that Every Vote Counts and the Pitfalls of a Two-Party System
John Scott Gray

15. Four-Assed Monkeys: Genetics and Gen-Ethics in Small-Town Colorado
Scott Calef

16. Raisins, Whores, and Boys: Gender and Sexuality in South Park
Ellen Miller

Posted by aalkon at December 26, 2006 9:55 AM

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