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Via my witty friend Kate if Evites aren't irritating enough, now it isn't just your party-throwing friends you want to hit over the head with a brick. Here, I'll paste in a bit of the text from the Evite link Kate got in the mail, so you won't have to click on it:

You may be surprised to receive this mail, as you read this, don't feel so sorry for me because I know everyone will die someday.

My name is Mrs. Felicia Samson, a business woman in London. I have been diagnosed with...

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

If you're having a party, or trying to scam me out of my life's savings, kindly send a typed out e-mail like a civilized human being or con artist.

Posted by aalkon at January 3, 2007 8:27 AM

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C'mon, have fun with Evites! When I respond to one, I usually write something in the Comments section like "I can't wait to see you! I forgot to ask how many buttplugs you wanted me to bring. As soon as you have a headcount, let me know. I have a discount card at Good Vibrations."

Posted by: Lena at January 3, 2007 4:35 PM

Why is it better to receive a typed email that's being bulk-sent to everyone in the inbox, versus a link to an actual page with directions that will send you reminders as the date approaches? The amount of personalizing is the same in either case - it's not like any of them get hand-signed.

The cancer thing, yeah, that's wrong.

Posted by: LYT at January 3, 2007 5:22 PM

I like to respond in a non-public forum and not turn my response into an event. Plus, they require me to click on a link and go to a's all a big annoyance.

Posted by: Amy Alkon at January 3, 2007 6:36 PM

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