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Fabulous Moments In Bad Timing
From Craigslist:

Hey, Mr White SUV! By the time you read this it will be way too late
Date: 2004-11-10, 8:37PM PST

Yes you,Mr.Too-busy-talking-on-my-cell-to avoid-pedestrians.

Today, White Lexus SUV, the full-size "Living Room" Edition, brand new by the look of it, but you did have a plate (that's good, read on to discover why!)

15th and Mission around 1pm. I was on the Northeast side waiting to cross Mission. You were so busy running that red light and babbling on your phone, ( by the way, the cameras got you) that you nearly ran me down; it almost looked like you swerved to hit me, but I'll be generous and credit that to your lack of interest in your surroundings while you were paying $20/hr for phone sex or something equally absorbing.

I quickly stepped backwards onto the sidewalk but not quickly enough to avoid your hitting my...


No, wait; this gets even better :)

The brush went along the length of the entire vehicle on the passenger side; a big broad 4" racing stripe. I did not do this intentionally; it was all I could do to avoid you hitting me; you swerved at least two feet in my direction whilst trying to re-position the phone under between your shoulder and your thick head. Too bad you didn't catch my other hand with the half-gallon pail in it, but that was further out of the way.

Thanks, Deirdre

Posted by aalkon at February 1, 2007 8:48 AM


Good site.

Posted by: Alex at February 27, 2007 8:28 AM

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