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Not Your Mother's Vaporizer
This one's for smokeless pot. Via Wired:

Herbal enthusiasts -- otherwise known as potheads -- are putting a high-tech spin on the age-old practice of getting high as a kite. Tokers are turning to specialized devices that vaporize marijuana rather than burning it. The vaporizers get hot enough to extract all the plant's psychotropic chemicals, but not hot enough to actually combust. The smoker gets a hit of sweet, sticky vapor -- and an allegedly healthier high, since the carcinogens and solid particles get left behind, that's especially attractive to users of medicinal marijuana.

Posted by aalkon at March 25, 2007 9:46 AM


Last night I was walking home from the grocery after dark and caught a whiff of weed. All the sudden it was 1974, and I wanted to listen to an Edgar Winter album. What fun is weed without smoke?

Posted by: Crid at March 25, 2007 9:38 AM

Crid, you're on to something there.

Vaporizers look more like a medical device than any other pot intake option. Might be useful in adding a patina of respectability to the whole medical marijuana thing - the idea of a a joint or bong load as medicine is surely hard for a lot of people to stomach.

Posted by: justin case at March 25, 2007 12:18 PM

The higher temperature you use to cook, the more long chain molecules are disrupted, and the more un- natural the resulting 'mash' is, with lower nutritional value. Use lower heat on the nuker sometime when reheating coffee and see if the difference between medium and high isn't obvious.
It's sure nuts that when engineers went to burning diesel at a higher temperature to get less 'soot' emission toxicity shot through the roof. But the 'standards' were met.
The point ? Low temp inhalation sounds smart.

Posted by: opit at March 25, 2007 2:52 PM

I like smoke, but "sweet, sticky vapor" sounds even better. Reminds me of methamphetamine bubbling away in a glass pipe. A lovely sight, and an even lovelier high. (If you haven't tried it: DON'T. It's too good. Just ask the next homeless person you trip over on the street. Indeed, crack is wack.)

Drugs be fun, but most times they be bad. Kinda like unprotected sex.

Posted by: Lena at March 25, 2007 11:03 PM

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