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Tell Us About Your "Office Husband"
I just posted another Advice Goddess column, about a girl who "flirted past the point of friendship" with some guy at her office. Here's an excerpt:

Brian started out as your “office husband,” that one special person you share your life with, but just from 9 to 5. The term started catching on after a 1987 Atlantic Monthly essay by David Owen describing close platonic relationships in the workplace: near-marriages in which a man and woman spend lots of time together, can talk about their underwear bunching up, and feel free to ransack each other’s desks for change for the vending machine. The limitations of this “office marriage” are part of its advantage. Your office spouse knows you well, but not too well, like your spouse-spouse, who has not only seen you on the toilet but heard you on it, too. The bottom line is that you don’t have sex with this person (which, of course, for many unfortunate people, mirrors their situation at home).

The entire thing is here.

Posted by aalkon at June 27, 2007 9:42 AM


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